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Recording Studio

Creating Cutting Edge Music For Current and Aspiring Artists

AV Logotype 2

Recording Studio

Creating Cutting Edge Music For Current and Aspiring Artists




Things we do

Mixing & Editing

Here at AV Recording Studios we mix any stlye of music from Pop music to Urban to Classical music. We have experience with most genres and are more than willing to bring that knowladge to the table at the time of mixing a song. We have the ability to mix ether in a DAW (Protools, Logic, etc) or in our 40-channel Rupert Neve designed Amek/Tac SR6000 analog console.

Music Production

For arrangements, compositions and album production we have partnered with top production companies who have years of experience with the best artist in the area to be able to provide an excellent music production. Please contact us for more information.


Weather it’s recording drums, electric guitars, or simply adding vocals to a recorded track AV Recording Studios has the facilities to be able to accommodate and efficiently track each instrument with some of the best equipment in the industry.  The studio has great acoustics and has been isolated in order to get the best sound out of an instrument. 

AV stands for “Alexander Valentín” name of the owner of the studio. Alexander is recognised as one of Puerto Rico’s top sound recording engineer, working across many musical genres including classical, rock & pop as well as collaborating with established puerto rican and international artists.

He graduated in Sound Recording from Full Sail University in Florida and some of his works has been nominated for the Latin Grammy awards.

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